The Janaseva bank was very helpful in trying to get our house financed for renovation. The branch Manager and his team were very good about answering any questions we had in a timely manner.

S.R. Shinde, Hadapsar

Everyone at Janaseva Bank have been friendly and helpful. I have had business with the Branch Manager the most. He has given me some good advice about ownership on my FDs and setting up two savings accounts of me & my family. When another bank messed up my daughter's fixed deposit account, the Manager was able to help and to get part of the issues solved. We both very much appreciated that. Most of all I feel like he knows me when I walk in, knows my name and we have developed a good personal/business relationship, I think that is what I most appreciate.

S.S. Deshpande

We came to Janaseva Bank one Saturday to withdraw our savings account so we could consolidate all of our accounts at another bank. However, after talking to the staff on counter, we decided instead to consolidate our accounts at another bank, let us continue for some more time. She was very helpful in finding the right type of savings accounts for our needs, and in helping us always. Later on, she emailed us about changing our savings account to a higher yielding recurring deposit account. She followed up with us to ensure everything was ok with it. It is unusual to have a banker who takes such a personal interest in meeting a customers' needs. Now, we have decided to continue with Janaseva Bank as they are truely doing the " Janaseva".

Dasharath Jadhav, Hadapsar

The bank staff has always been so good to explain everything to us and bring us up to date on changes. We have enjoyed the good service we get from the bank employees. They are always very friendly and courteous.

Shweta Deshmukh

My experience with Janaseva Bank , Pune has been very accommodative. When I need to transfer funds and pay bills it can be done at my convenience. It has been a positive experience with personable banking service in a timely manner. My time has been limited so banking must be fast and effective. I was given cooperation with opening my own personal savings accounts, fixed deposit accounts, business accounts, that I am responsible for. I have been a long-term customer of the Bank. My plan would be to stay as a customer and grow financially. A big Thank You from your customer that appreciates the hard work in maintaining excellent customer service and good bank products. When asked by others where is the best bank in town, I send them to Janaseva Bank. Thanks once again.

Rajaram Jagtap, Hadapsar, Pune

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